Zero-Day Prevention

Zero-Day exploits and malware have been the scourge of the computer world for years. Without warning these zero day exploits attack and target our business and home PCs. Helepolis is here to stop them in their tracks before your data can be damaged, stolen, or encrypted.

Zero day exploits are based off unknown vulnerabilities in your systems software. Hackers quickly jump on opportunities to exploit these vulnerabilities to damage, steal, and encrypt your data before companies like Microsoft have a chance to recognize the vulnerability. The danger with Zero-Day exploits is simply that companies cannot patch the vulnerability fast enough to prevent hackers from doing this to you.

Helepolis is here to stop Zero-Day exploits in their tracks before your data can be damaged, stolen, or encrypted by hackers.

Helepolis provides its users with protection against known and unknown threats, as it spots potentially malicious software and disables it before it has a chance to ruin your data in any way. While the virus is shut down, companies are given time to figure out effective patches to vulnerabilities in your software that allowed the attack to happen, and once patched the files will no longer be able to harm your PC. Think of Helepolis as a tool which extends a helping hand to your antivirus softwares and companies such as Microsoft, allowing them the ability to detect vulnerabilities, patch them, and fight off the virus with a greater amount of time and care. The company is committed to protecting your PC in the period of time between infection and patching. The result is the protection of your PC at all times, no matter how unknown and recent the threat is. It is time to stop hackers from damaging, stealing, and encrypting your data, and Helepolis provides a toolkit which improves the ability of antivirus and software companies to do just that.