Fully Customizable

Helepolis is designed to be fully customizable to make it as efficient as possible for your company.

Helepolis allows your company to customize clients, allowing you to add files and processes to the software as needed. This will ensure your company is receiving the full extent of Helepolis' protection leaving your data as safe as can be in the case of a cyber attack. Being customizable means your company will have an incredibly easy time using Helepolis as it will become tailored to company specific uses.

Personal versions of Helepolis will be customized by us, ensuring it is optimized to fit your PC as best as possible.

Helepolis does not wish to only provide this custom configuration to commercial businesses, so we provide you with software that is fully optimized to personal PCs, giving you the full potential of the software, as well as hands of customization. As Helepolis builds on the software and incorporates new solutions, you will be updated automatically or manually to ensure that your software receives the same service that companies get. The main goal of Helepolis is to ensure your data is safe in the case of an attack, and letting us customize your person version is the most effective way of doing this.