Low CPU Usage

The small footprint of Helepolis means guaranteed low CPU usage, giving your PC full functionality while the toolkit works to keep your PC completely protected at all times.

The process carried out by Helepolis has been created as efficient as possible, working in 3 ways to lock down your PC and make it a vault for your data. Those 3 processes being the blocking of processes, monitoring of folders, and protecting of your registry. This custom lock down of your PC will go unnoticed by users as it takes up incredibly low space on your PC.

Low footprint and highly effective.

Each of the 3 processes have been designed to use up small amounts of CPU usage, meaning your PC won't feel any slower than it did before. However, this elimination of CPU usage does not mean Helepolis isn't powerful, as the processes have been designed carefully to maximize effectiveness and power, as well as low CPU usage and efficiency.