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System Actions

Helepolis provides the ability for System Administrators to quickly perform system related tasks on all of your company PCs. You will have the ability to logoff, reboot or shutdown your PCs within minutes. The ability to start or stop any installed Services happens with a few clicks of the mouse. System Administrators will also have…
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Registry Monitoring

The Registry is one of the main points these new Ransomware and Viruses target so the ability to monitor the registry is key in this battle. Helepolis allows you to specify multiple locations and values to monitor and if they appear Helepolis will automatically remove them. Remember Ransomware and most viruses infect the registry in…
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File & Folder Monitoring

Helepolis has a very powerful file/folder monitoring function builtin. You can specify directories and files to monitor and delete the moment the operating systems notifies of the creation attempt (this is very fast). Helepolis uses a sophisticated method to monitor the locations and files you specify the you are able to specify a broad location…
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Manage Processes

Helepolis allows system administrators to manage all aspects of their Helepolis setup. The ability to provide a quick seamless solutions when there is another outbreak of RansomWare (i.e. WannaCry) or the next virus that is sweeping the globe is what Helepolis does. Once a new outbreak or attack has been identified in the wild you…
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