Details and Features

Easy Ransomware Protection
Helepolis can be configured and deployed throughout your organization in minutes without any interruption to the end-users. Using the Helepolis Admin, you will have the ability to distribute the Helepolis Protection Agent to all of your PC and Server endpoints right out of the box. The client install is 1.2 megabytes in size, so can be deployed in seconds to any remote endpoint. Once the Helepolis Protection Agent is distributed to your endpoints, it is automatically armed and begins protecting instantly. Since Helepolis does not interfere with any traditional antivirus/anti-malware tools, you can safely distribute the Helepolis Agent without any issues. Helepolis does not require any signature files, DAT files, databases, learning period or internet connection to enable the built in Encryption Detection and Protection engine. Internet access will be required from one PC or Server if you choose to enable any of the mobile options.

Endpoint Protection Made Easy

The Helepolis Protection Agent is a small but powerful tool used to prevent ransomware viruses from encrypting your data. There are many products on the market that make this same claim but, what sets Helepolis apart from the others is, it employs unique and unrivaled methods to detect these types of viruses. Helepolis does not rely on signature files, DAT files, database or learning methods to detect these menacing threats. Instead, Helepolis’ own proprietary encryption detection algorithm is used to stop any type of encryption virus; those already known, as well those that are still to come.
Although we do not claim to protect against all viruses 100%, we do claim 99.9% protection ratios. Contrast that with the rates that traditional antivirus and anti-malware tools generally provide. These tools detect 45% of the latest threats…odds like that are akin to flipping a coin with the success of your company at stake.

These legacy antivirus tools do an excellent job in protecting us from the millions of viruses that are already known, however, they are deficient at detecting and preventing new zero-day threats and cyberattacks. Given this, let the traditional antivirus tools do what they have always done, and use Helepolis to do the heavy lifting and worry about detecting and preventing the other 55% that slips by your anti-virus tools. Helepolis requires few resources on each endpoint allowing it to operate in tandem with most antivirus software products you are already running making it easy to install and configure.

Custom Protection Rules

When you install Helepolis across your organization, it is already set to detect encryption viruses and prevent mass encryption on your PCs and Servers without any additional configuration required. The Helepolis Admin Console also allows administrators to add their own custom files, processes and registry keys to block and/or disallow. This feature enables administrators to lock down rogue/unwanted applications, games, viruses or compromised software. Additionally, administrators can use this functionality to prevent users from running licensed software that they do not have the rights to.
Remote Management Tools

The Helepolis Admin Console comes equipped with 4 powerful Remote Tools: Remote System, Remote Copy, Remote Execution and Remote Registry. These tools provide administrators the ability to maintain, update and patch their systems remotely with no agent or software required on the remote endpoints. One of the essential elements of protecting your company from cyberattacks is proper maintenance for all of your PCs and Servers…Helepolis delivers this power to you with ease right out of the box.
Mobile Protection Options

Customers using Helepolis can purchase and enable a mobile option for all the custom functions described above (i.e. Custom Protection and Remote Tools). The Mobile Command Center will allow you to protect and maintain your company from any mobile/web enabled device. Never be caught off guard again.

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