The Helepolis Agent is a powerful virus and encryption detection service that stops ransomware, malware, trojans and encryption viruses, preventing your data from being compromised and held for ransom. Helepolis is the only tool that can protect your company from 99.9% of all known and zero-day ransomware viruses without relying on virus signature or DAT files for encryption detection and prevention.


Helepolis is designed to run in any size environment and comes with an Admin Console to allow complete control of the Helepolis client such as Custom Blocking Unwanted Files, Processes and Registry Settings. The built in encryption detection feature will block all known and zero-day ransomware threats. Helepolis is not a replacement of an antivirus or firewall, but is a tool that works alongside them to protect against encryption viruses and ransomware.

The Helepolis client is installed as a service and consumes almost zero CPU or memory on your endpoints. The Helepolis Protection service uses its 'look-ahead technology' to activate and protect the PC or server from data encryption from viruses. Think...within seconds you can completely protect your entire company IT infrastructure from Windows Desktop PCs to Windows Servers, Helepolis will protect them all.


With cyberattacks on the rise, Helepolis protects against 99.9% of all known and zero-day Encryption Viruses. Whether you’re a small, medium or enterprise company, you are vulnerable to encryption viruses and ransomware without Helepolis. Helepolis does not rely on signatures files, DAT files or databases to detect encryption ransomware instead it uses a proprietary encryption detection engine to stop all known and unknown threats.

Most companies took days to figure out how to handle recent attacks such as WannaCry, Petya and Bad Rabbit. Helepolis quickly handles the threat without affecting production or end user experience, ultimately allowing your company to then take its time with regular Windows Updates and Antivirus patching without the chaos. Helepolis will prevent all of these types of attacks using new detection methods and algorithms that traditional antivirus tools overlook.


From Anywhere
Using our web application, you can easily manage your environment remotely from anywhere in the world using any internet capable mobile device. Perform software pushes (instant or scheduled), file/folder copying, process/system/registry administration, manage your Read-Only Citrix Servers/Virtual Machines and many other IT administration functions - all from your mobile device.

This will provide piece of mind that you can manage & protect your company from anywhere and help maintain the integrity with your clients/employees. The Mobile Command Center has several add-ons such as Software Scheduling, Controlled Ransomware Lockdown & Two-Factor Authentication to ensure the best protection against cyber attacks for all of the endpoints in your company.

Over 215,000 Helepolis licenses sold worldwide. Its time to look at viruses, ransomware and cyber security in a whole different way using different methods in order to win this battle!

An Add-on Can Also Be Purchased for a Remote Management Toolkit That Will Allow You to Manage All of Your Endpoints From Any Mobile Device...No Agent or RDP License Required!
  • Encryption Detection
    Recent substantial increases in encryption viruses requires your company to engineer a new approach. Helepolis uses a proprietary encryption detection engine to identify and prevent ransomware from encrypting and hijacking your sensitive data. Once your files are encrypted, there is little hope of recovering them without the proper decryption key. Relying on traditional anti-virus tools alone will put your business in jeopardy.
  • Protection From Anywhere
    Helepolis has multiple mobile options available enabling you to protect, update, patch and troubleshoot your PCs and servers from any mobile device or browser, from anywhere in the world. Don't be caught off guard away from the office when the next big cyber attack happens. These new attacks come without warning and can quickly devastate an under-protected company. Get Helepolis now and get protected.
  • Ransomware Protection
    Helepolis has been designed from the ground up to work with all traditional existing antivirus and security products you already have. Helepolis fills the cracks the most traditional ransomware protection tools have and secures your investment you made in these products. Helepolis doesn't rely on signature files, DAT files or virus databases to detect ransomware but, instead, uses 'look-ahead technology' to identify these new types of threats. 
  • Mobile Addons Available
    The ability to mobilize protection from your mobile device is an invaluable asset during emergencies or cyber attacks. Helepolis has several mobile add-ons that enhance your security and assist you in protecting and maintaining your IT infrastructure. The ability to block malicious or unwanted programs to forcing patches to be installed on all of your endpoints, can be initiated directly from your mobile device.
Business Impact
58% of businesses that are hit with ransomware encryption viruses experience a wide scale outages and days of downtime. The loss in dollars to any business is quite large due to the downtime and recovery process typically taking days to weeks to fully recover damaged and encrypted data (in some cases its months). Helepolis will prevent these attacks by guarding the weaknesses that existing protection methods have. Traditional antivirus/anti-malware tools are costly, cumbersome and only detect 45% of ransomware encryption viruses. The fault is not the tools themselves because they do an amazing job at protecting your endpoints for the most part. However, the one weakness they have could put a your company in position to loose days due to downtime resulting in loss revenue. Helepolis compliments these traditional antivirus/anti-malware tools by focusing on the biggest weakness which is encryption viruses. Let your antivirus tools do their job and let Helepolis do its job protecting your company from data encryption viruses.

Helepolis Encryption Detection

It only takes Helepolis a few seconds to protect your entire company. No special server or hardware required. The Helepolis Protection Agent can be installed on any PC or Server running Windows XP to Windows Server 2016. The time to configure Helepolis in a new environment of 500 PCs and Servers is approximately 10 minutes. The ability to deploy Helepolis across your organization without any special hardware, web server or databases required is one of the things that make Helepolis so powerful. Compatible with almost every traditional antivirus/anti-malware tool, firewalls, security appliances and cloud  storage solutions makes Helepolis one of the best add-ons you can purchase for your corporate ransomware protection solution.

Out of the 70% of companies that pay the ransom only 5 - 10% ever get the proper decryption key to recover all their files. This number is decreasing as more and more copy-cats use variants of existing viruses to encrypt your files with no intention of ever sending you the proper decryption key. The largest ransom paid to date is over $1,000,000 USD and that number will grow in 2018 as it is expected to be one of the worse years on record for Ransomware and Encryption viruses. Helepolis uses no signature files, DAT files or databases to detect these types of new cyber threats instead it relies on a proprietary encryption detection/protection algorithm to stop 99.9% of known and unknown encryption ransomware viruses.

 The average current encryption virus can encrypt 1000+ 75MB documents in approx. 20 seconds! Wow that is an amazingly fast way to lose all of your data without any real warning or way to prevent it...until now. Helepolis will detect and protect against this type of cyber attack protecting all of your data from mass encryption. Don't allow your company to become the next victim of these attacks because you are relying on traditional anti-virus and anti-malware tools. These tools do a great job at protecting you against all of the known threats (and their variants) but fail miserably with new zero-day attacks that have dominated the news lately. Helepolis will prevent these zero day attacks because we do not rely on signature files and databases to recognize viruses and ransomware but instead detect these threats in real-time.

54% were notified of the attack within 12 hour
35% were notified within 24 hours
11%were notified over a day later
Imagine the loss of data throughout your company when these encryption viruses go undetected for hours and even days...massive destruction and encryption of your data. Off-site backups are a fantastic way to protect your data from Ransomware and cyber attacks but imagine if all of your PCs and local Servers are completely wiped out and not useable. The amount of effort to restore the PCs and local files and configurations is enormous and will cost thousands and even millions of dollars of loss revenue due to downtime. Helepolis will detect and stop these viruses in their tracks and prevent you from losing days, months or even years worth of valuable company data.

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