Ransomware Protection

Helepolis will protect you against the latest RansomWare threat by allowing you to put your computers in a special protection mode.

Once the latest Ransomware threat is detected anywhere in the world, you can protect your computers and organization within seconds either automatically or manually. Ransomware is a malicious software that prevents the victim from accessing their data and threatening to publish or delete the data until a ransom is payed. Famous Ransomware attacks include the WannaCry virus, which infected PCs across the world and shed a light on the cyber war that is occurring before our unsuspecting eyes.

Helepolis is dedicated to protecting your computer from the latest threats such as WannaCry and Sorebrect, no matter where these threats occur. Helepolis will put your PC into a custom lock down mode that prevents the Ransomware from holding your data for ransom and putting you in a financially troublesome position.

Helepolis will give you a defensive edge in this time of cyber war, increasing the reliability of your antivirus software.

The company's mission is to provide a service which will make sure your data and your wallet are safe from Ransomware threats. Current antivirus software has displayed an inability to protect users completely from these viruses, so Helepolis plans to work with your antivirus protection to give you an extra edge in stopping these viruses for sure. It isn't enough to hope your antivirus software will protect you from Ransomware, and Helepolis hopes to ensure you protection in conjunction with your current software. Current antivirus software failed 53% of Ransomware victims in KnowBe4's 2017 Endpoint Protection Ransomware Effectiveness Report, which is far from guaranteed protection. Helepolis hopes to lower this number of failures greatly by keeping the virus locked down until your antivirus software is ready to identify and disable the threat, no matter how new it is.