File & Folder Monitoring

Helepolis has a very powerful file/folder monitoring function builtin. You can specify directories and files to monitor and delete the moment the operating systems notifies of the creation attempt (this is very fast). Helepolis uses a sophisticated method to monitor the locations and files you specify the you are able to specify a broad location (i.e. c:\) to monitor and almost no CPU or Memory will be used. Helepolis intercepts the callbacks from Microsoft Windows when a file is created and where it is being created. There is no constant scanning of directories which can be very I/O intensive instead Helepolis will only react when notified by the operating system.

Once directories and files are specified in the Admin panel Helepolis will monitor these locations watching for any of the specified files to ne created...and if and when they are Helepolis destroys before you even have time to see it appear. All of this power and almost zero CPU and Memory is taken up which allows for Helepolis to operate even on older vulnerable PCs still left behind in your organization.