Instant Protection

Helepolis will provide you and your PC with instant protection from the latest Ransomware and Zero-Day Exploits, ensuring the safety of your data no matter how unknown the threat may be.

Current antivirus software doesn't have the capability to protect your data instantly from the latest viruses, as they require time to fix problems and send out an emergency patch to your PC. However, with Helepolis, your data will stay protected instantly throughout this period while Microsoft and Antivirus companies work on a solution to the vulnerabilities.

Instant protection means your PC will be completely protected from the latest and most malicious Ransomware and Zero-Day Exploits.

Viruses such as WannaCry relied on this gap between the creation of the virus and the response time of Antivirus companies to infect PCs worldwide, creating the largest cyber attack in history. With Helepolis, attacks like this can be prevented from reaching such a large scale as the virus is kept shut down until your Antivirus software has a chance to solve the problems.