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End-Point Protection

Once a new Ransomware or Virus is detected, Helepolis will kick into gear and protect all of your systems. Automatically put all of your PCs into an action state once a threat is detected. The corporate version is designed to run in a larger corporate environment and comes with an Admin Console to allow complete control…
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Lock down from Anywhere

Using our mobile application, you can quickly lock your company down from the latest threats from anywhere in the world using any internet capable mobile device. This will provide piece of mind that you can protect your company from anywhere.
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Emergency Lockdown

We have the ability to lock down a company (regardless of size) in seconds versus traditional methods such as SCCM, Group Policies, Anti-Virus tools, etc. Using the powerful Helepolis Admin Console, System Admins will have the ability to lock down all of their organization or targeted areas.
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Mobile Command Center

Use the Helepolis Mobile Command Center to block threats to your company The Mobile Command Center will enable you to put your organization into a custom lockdown during a global cyber attack. Any internet enabled mobile device will place the power in the palm of your hand. This feature will provide you with the piece…
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Fully Customizable

Helepolis is designed to be fully customizable to make it as efficient as possible for your company. Helepolis allows your company to customize clients, allowing you to add files and processes to the software as needed. This will ensure your company is receiving the full extent of Helepolis' protection leaving your data as safe as…
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