Ransomware Protection

The Helepolis Agent is a powerful ransomware detection service that stops en masse encryption, preventing your data from being compromised and held for ransom. The new wave of cyber criminals use encryption viruses to hijack company data and brazenly demand payment with the inducement that your data will be restored. Facts show, however, that you only have a 5% - 10% chance of receiving the correct decryption key to properly recover your data.

Helepolis operates at a low level on each PC or Server in order to quickly detect the activity of ransomware viruses and cripple them before they can destroy and hijack your sensitive data. Helepolis does not rely on signature files, DAT files or databases to detect and destroy ransomware encryption viruses unlike any other product on the market. Helepolis relies on its own proprietary encryption and ransomware detection engine to stop these attacks while being seamless to the end user. The small footprint allows it to be installed on all your PCs and production servers.

Most of these new types of ransomware viruses encrypt thousands of files in a minute, completely undetected from traditional antivirus and antimalware tools such as McAffee, Norton, Bitdefender and even new AI tools such as Cylance. With cyberattacks on the rise, Helepolis protects your company data from 99.9% of known and zero-day Encryption Viruses. Whether you’re a small, medium or enterprise company, you are vulnerable to encryption viruses without Helepolis.